KP1 | CAT IV Volt tester -
KP1 | CAT IV Volt tester -


KP1 | CAT IV Volt tester

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The Sanwa KP1 is a pocket-size Voltage Tester with an accuracy of 0.7% and electric field detection capabilities.

The KP-1 is a voltage tester of the RMS value response type equipped with the electric field detection facility. It is designed for measurements in the ranges specified by IEC 61010-1 CAT. IV 600 V and CAT. III 1000 V. It uses the Δ-Σ method operation and uses the True RMS detection method for AC voltages. The device has a single button operation mode and can automatically detect AC and DC voltages.

The KP1 has a 9999-count display with a backlight that changes color from green to orange depending on the voltage. The device can also perform continuity tests and features a buzzer alarm that can be used for both continuity and electric field detection. This device can detect an electric field of about 60 Volts or more with a detection frequency of 50/60 Hz, which is perfect for power lines. The bar graph and intermittent buzzer beeps change in 5 steps according to the field intensity.

The red probe on this device is fixed on a rotatable arm while the black probe lead is connected via a cable and can move freely. The red probe can also be used as an antenna for detecting electric field strength.

Includes meter, instruction manual and one set of test leads and probes.

  • Pocket size CAT.IV.600V
  • 9999 count display with backlight
  • 7% Best accuracy
  • Single button system (Preventing operation mistakes)
  • AC/DC auto-identifying voltage measurement
  • AC measurement in true RMS value
  • EF (Electric Field) detection
  • The backlight color changes at 20V or more (When a voltage of 20V or more is input, the backlight color changes from green to orange)
  • Self-test (Checking failures of the LCD or disconnection of a lead wire)
  • CF (Crest Factor)


KP1 Measuring Range Accuracy Resolution
DCV 5~999.9V ±(0.7%+5) 0.1V
ACV 5~999.9V ±(1.7%+5) 0.1V
Continuity Buzzer sounds at between 20kΩ and 500kΩ
Open voltage: approx. 0.6V
EF Detection A voltage of electric field of about 60V or more is detected.
The bar graph and intermittent buzzer beeps change in five steps
Display Numeral display 9999
Sampling rate 6 times/sec.(ACV), 5 times/sec.(DCV)
Bandwidth 45~400Hz
Battery LR03×2
Battery life Approx. 20h
Size/Mass H130×W90×D30mm / Approx.205g
Safety IEC61010 CAT. Ⅳ 600 V / CAT. Ⅲ 1000 V

*When measuring voltage, less than 5 V will not be detected.
*TL-37 is required when using the adapter on the + side (breaker pin side).


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