Relative Humidity & Temperature Pen
Relative Humidity & Temperature Pen
Relative Humidity & Temperature Pen
Sper Scientific


Relative Humidity & Temperature Pen

Pen-Size Meter that Measures Humidity & Temperature Including Min/Max & Delta.

Technicians in HVAC, labs, industry and environmental studies can carry this sturdy metal pen anywhere for quick readings of RH (Relative Humidity) and ambient temperature. Simultaneously displays RH and temperature in °C or °F. Will also show a continually updated ∆ delta (difference) from a starting point.

The pen stands upright on its base, enabling unobstructed airflow around the sensor, and recalls high and low readings. Comes in a protective foam lined metal case with a standard AAA battery and instructions.  

  • USA Service & Certification
  • Humidity & Temperature - Min / Max
  • Delta (Differential) Measurement
  • 5 year warranty, CE, RoHS

Sper Certified *Certification Option
N.I.S.T. traceable Certificate of Compliance available at additional cost (Select option above).

  Range Resolution Accuracy
Temperature -4 to 140ºF
(-20 to 60ºC)
0.1º ±2ºF / 1ºC
Relative Humidity 20 to 95% 0.1% ±3% FS 30 to 80%
RH otherwise ±5%

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