Pressure Transducer - 29 psi | Sper Scientific Direct
Pressure Transducer - 29 psi | Sper Scientific Direct
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Pressure Transducer - 29 psi

A pressure transducer, often called a pressure transmitter, is a transducer that converts pressure into an analog electrical signal.

Sper Scientific Pressure Transducers work with our Wide Range Pressure Meter 840065. N.I.S.T. traceable Calibration Report available.

These pressure transducers come with the thread size of 1/4" NPT (per inch 18 teeth) and one adapter connector with the tread size of 1/4 inch PS (per inch 19 teeth). To use the 1/4" NPT threads directly, you will need to remove the adaptor connector from the transducer manually.

Please note that selecting the certification option requires approximately 2-3 weeks additional lead time for delivery.

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