4-Channel Thermometer - Sper Scientific Direct
4-Channel Thermometer - Sper Scientific Direct
4-Channel Thermometer
4-Channel Thermometer - Sper Scientific Direct
Sper Scientific


4-Channel Thermometer

This unique portable thermometer displays data from 4 thermocouple probes simultaneously on a large back-lit LCD. Communicates with a computer via the bi-directional computer port and optional cable, and graphic software. Auto ranging with auto power off, min/max, hold, Δ (T1-T2) and relative functions. High full scale accuracy of ±0.5% rdg. + 1ºC / 2ºF. Easily calibrates to ice point, or any other standard. 0.1° resolution <200° & 1° >200°C. Wide measurement range of -328 to 2498°F (-200 to 1370°C). Comes ready to use with 2 beaded wire probes, instructions, and a 9V battery, in a protective, foam-lined case. Can also be used with optional AC Adapter (800003). N.I.S.T. traceable Certificate of Calibration available.

Dimensions: 7¼" × 2½" × 1¼" (184 × 64 × 32 mm)
Weight: 8.4 oz (238 g)

Range Accuracy Resolution
-200 to 200°C ±0.2% reading +1°C -200 to 200ºF, 0.1ºF, else 1°F
(-200 to 200ºC, 0.1ºC; 200 to 1370°C 1°C)
200 to 400°C ±0.5% reading +1°C
400 to 1370°C ±0.2% reading +1°C
-328 to 200°F ±0.5% reading +2°F
-200 to 200°F ±0.2% reading +2°F
200 to 2498°F ±0.3% reading +2°F

Number of Data Points: 16,000
Numerical Display: 4 digit LCD display per channel
Sample Rate: 3 seconds per period
Operating Temp/Hum.: 32 to 122°F, (-0 to 50°C); 0 to 80% RH
Storage Temp/Hum.: 14 to 140°F, (-10 to 60°C); 0 to 80% RH
Operating at Altitude: Up to 2000 meters
Input Protection at Thermocouple Input: 60V DC, or 24Vrms AC
Battery Life: Approx. 100 hours with an alkaline battery

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